Load Lock

Welcome to your first step in implementing a quality control system that protects your product while moving it off farm. Every successful business uses quality control and your business plan should include it as well.

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Why Load Lock is Needed

  • You will look more professional and feel confident when you walk into an elevator to settle a dispute on delivered grain.
  • Trying to settle a dispute is very difficult when your sample is in an unsealed container or pail.
  • In today's grain trade the local elevator no longer exists. Grain moves 10's-100's of miles away.
  • Having a personal relationship with the manager is difficult. He may have 600 or more producers delivering to him.
  • Many times, you are sending grain through a broker and have never heard of the eventual destination point & end user.

How Load Lock Works

  • The first step is to ensure that every contract you make for your grain has the following placed into the comments section: "Any and all quality disputes will be settled via 3rd party (CGC) using the Load Lock secured sampling system".
  • The document inside the securely sealed sample indicates all information that both parties have.
  • The truck driver is an independent, unbiased, 3rd party.
  • The drivers signature is key, because it can be found inside the sample as well as on the outside of the sealed sample.
  • No tampering can occur once the seal is placed on the sample.
  • Once you have received payment for the delivery, and there are no disputes, you can destroy the sample.

What if You Haul Your Own Grain?

  • This system can definitely be used even if you haul your own grain.
  • Once you have your load probed, go inside and request a sample for Load Lock.
  • The 3rd party on the document and the seal then becomes the person who probed the load or the grain buyer. Obviously, some of the information will not be needed on the document.
  • Even if you are delivering yourself, you should have the following put on the contract before you sign it: "Any and all quality disputes will be settled via 3rd party (CGC) using the Load Lock secured sampling system".