About Us

Plosz Marketing Ltd. Mission Statement

Work with producers to maximize their returns and minimize risk on their agricultural commodities by providing them with creative, unique and effective grain marketing strategies and risk management tools.


  • Development of a Grain Marketing Plan - strategies, targets and sales records for your commodities. A blueprint and reference point for selling your commodities.
  • Consult with clients to manage their price risk and help them in the discovery of the alternative or combination of alternatives that will generate the highest rate of return for their commodities.
  • Help in utilizing and administering all CWB producer Payment Options including: Permit Applications, Fixed Price Contracts, Early Payment Options, Cash + contracts, and managing CWB series Contracts.
  • Farm direct marketing of malt barley directly with maltsters. Guidance through cash+ contracts.
  • Farm Business Consulting is a CWB Service Agent. A Service Agent is a company that the CWB has authorized to assist farmers in the completion of delivery permit applications, delivery contracts, and in some cases, advance applications.
  • 100% tax deductible.
  • No 'brokerage fees' on transactions.
  • Help to settle disputes.

Technology Package

  1. Full access to the Market knowledge portion of the website. Here you will find strategies, weekly prices, charts of the week, basis levels, webinars, news articles, grading information.
  2. Online access to your Grain Marketing Plan with 24/7 view of your database which includes inventory and sales.
  3. Daily market updates by text or email delivered to your phone, no matter where you may be. Every day, when the market closes, you will see how the markets performed. Optional start of day email with opening comments.
  4. Weekly Market report and analysis.
  • Full access to PM database which keeps track of acres seeded, how much we expect to produce, and also how much is left to market. Tracks all sales, average price of all sales, companies that bought the grain, inventory left to sell, and cash flow needs.
  • Hail insurance quotes for all insurance companies in Alberta.


Plosz Marketing Ltd. (formerly Farm Business Consulting Ltd.). was created by Kent Plosz in 2005. He saw the need to give producers an affordable risk management tool which was based in extensive market knowledge and honest commodity marketing opinion. He strives to share his advanced knowledge of the local and global commodity markets to the farmers that employ his services. This service is customized to the client's individual farming operation, to help make them more profitable.

Kent was born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan. He has worked in the Ag-industry since 1992 and has completed various risk management courses and seminars.

We are located in Red Deer Alberta, but with the growing technologies, we are able to have customers in all of North America.

 Agriculture more than ever

Why is there a need in the marketplace for a marketing consultant?

As a producer of an agricultural commodity I would challenge you that you are not in the business of growing crops but in the business of selling crops. With that being said, consider how much work, attention to detail, time and money goes into growing your crop but how much focus is afforded the selling or marketing of your commodities.

Marketing is more than just selling when product is available or cash is needed. Marketing should begin before the seed for a crop is even purchased. By realistically estimating costs of production and revenue for crop alternatives, and by considering rotations and other agronomic factors, informed seeding choices can be made.

Risk and risk management is about the future. It's about the variation or distribution of outcomes, and considering possible future outcomes, both downside and upside. It's about reducing or managing the variability and planning for that variability. Risk happens - and with it comes the challenges of planning, monitoring and being prepared.

The business of agriculture is so complex today and requires so many decisions at various levels it is impossible to do everything yourself. Farm Business Consulting ltd. has no ties to any merchants or grain dealers, and in fact encourages regular contact with them, but works entirely for the producer to ensure they are receiving the best deal and to help maintain long term profitability.